Recommendations for Charging Infrastructure in Stockholm County

For the County of Stockholm (1 million cars), we calculate the cumulative socio-economic result of a gradual transition to a battery-electric fleet of passenger cars, over the period 2020-2040. Included in the analysis are the direct and indirect costs to deploy necessary charging infrastructure, and the value generated from lowered emissions and operational costs of […]

Free-floating electric shared cars in Stockholm

Car-sharing services could play a big part in sustainable urban mobility. With inhabitants having access to a shared car when they need one, car ownership could be reduced. This would reduce the need for parking spaces and might also help reduce overall traffic and congestion. Although car-sharing is not a new idea – car rental […]

E-scooters in Stockholm

Dockless electric rental scooters (e-scooters) have rapidly become part of the urban environment in many cities. In Stockholm, the first e-scooters were introduced in August 2018. By September 2020, the number of e-scooters surpassed fourteen thousand. In Stockholm, as in many other cities, e-scooters cause debate and raise questions. Many people are positive towards the […]

Logistics Study for the City of Malaga, Spain

The Malaga pilot, within the MEISTER project, focuses on three areas within the city: a priority one, in the Center, and two additional, in the Cruz de Humilladero and Carretera de Cádiz districts. The Historic City Center of Malaga has 35,000 inhabitants and a population density of 115 inhabitants / hectare. The problem of urban […]